Doc’s Motorworks Bar and Grill

If you’ve lost a hubcap recently, Doc’s is the first place you should check.


Cheap beer, rock ’n’ roll, no frills.

Dog Almighty

Dog Almighty is all about serving cheap, delicious hot dogs.

Clay Pit

The best time to go to this downtown Indian restaurant is when they’re offering the lunch buffet.

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

The outdoor “amphitheater” has hosted a cavalcade of high-profile acts, and an indoor stage hosts local acts. Stubb’s is also, as the name implies, a barbecue restaurant.

Quack’s Bakery

Let them eat cake in Hyde Park, too.

Hoover’s Cooking

Huge portions of home cookin’ that really hit the spot, plus the smokiest queso in town


Live music and southern-fried everything.

The Elephant Room

Get your live jazz fix, Jack.

Koriente: Home cookin’ on Seventh

Liz Barksdale reviews Koriente.

The Boiling Pot

The Hideout Theatre

A coffeeshop hangout by day, the Hideout hosts improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up comedy shows just about every night of the week.

The Jackalope

Stop by for the Helldorado, a giant alcoholic drink that comes with plenty of straws for you and all of your thirsty friends to enjoy.


Famous for great live music and bathrooms that will haunt your oh-so-trendy nightmares.

Hut’s Hamburgers

Award-winning burgers at an atypical Austin eatery.

Thai Kitchen and spiritual rejuvenation

After a long, exhausting week at the office, Tim Ashlock heads to his favorite Thai restaurant.

The Cafe at the Four Seasons

Rich people are happier.

Juan in a Million

If you’ve lived in Austin for more than five seconds someone has already tried to shove Juan in a Million’s signature taco (the Don Juan) down your throat. The Don Juan somehow makes potatoes, eggs, bacon, cheese thrown into a tortilla taste different than any other tortilla with potatoes, eggs, bacon, and cheese thrown into it. Oh well. Everybody loves it.

Chez Nous

Located downtown somewhere between Carmelo’s and Esther’s Follies, Chez Nous is a small little French café with the most polite waiters in town.

Zen: A direct experience

Assume the lotus position and stuff your face.