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‘A Thought in Three Parts’ opens tonight

The Rubber Repertory’s production of Wallace Shawn’s A Thought in Three Parts opens tonight at the Vortex. Tickets can be reserved by calling 478-5282 (pick your price: $10–$30), and the play starts at 8pm. Just make sure you don’t bring the kids — this show’s 18 and up.

Wanna know more about A Thought in Three Parts? Read Jill Morris’ interview with director Carlos Trevino, or visit the Rubber Rep site.

Velvet Rut doing ‘Hamlet’ in their living room

So much good stuff going on in Austin this weekend. We just heard about the Velvet Rut Theatre’s production of Hamlet, which is performed in their living room. Awesome!

Actors enter scenes from random places, audience members are within arm’s reach of the players… sounds very cool.

Happy birthday, Blanton Museum!

photo / cloverity Blanton Museum 

To celebrate one year of artin’ it up, the Blanton Museum is planning a very special B scene tomorrow night. Stop by for sweet treats, Blantinis, beer, champagne, and music from The Alice Rose and DJ Bobby Trimble.

Have what it takes to be a Lonestar Rollergirl?

photo / Kristin Hillery Hellcats vs. Cherry Bombs 

Here’s your opportunity: Rollergirl tryouts are happening tomorrow (May 2) at 7pm and May 5 at 2pm. If you want to try out, just email

Help wanted: Alamo Drafthouse (Village)

photo / Bruce Turner 

Heads up, job hunters

From a MySpace bulletin posted by the Alamo Drafthouse:

Bay Area freeway melts after tanker crash

Early Sunday morning, a gasoline tanker crashed near California’s San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The fire was so bad that part of the freeway melted and collapsed.

Next time I’m stuck going 2 mph on I-35, I’m not going to complain. Bay Area commuters have it bad now. Real bad. The part that collapsed happened to be where three highways converged.

Miraculously, nobody was hurt — not even the driver of the truck (but he is currently being treated for burns).

Awesome coffeeshop, great job

photo / John Cohen 

Shout out to Cafe Mundi

I went to Cafe Mundi this afternoon for the first time — this place rocks. It’s on East Fifth Street, all funky-like with cool arty stuff outside and inside, great lighting, a nice patio, plenty of parking… I could go on and on. The food is awesomely delicious, especially the chips and salsa. Everyone who was working was super nice and friendly. I was very impressed.

Wait, Mims — why are you hot?

Ohhhh! This is why you’re hot.

This is why you’re hot
This is why you’re hot
This is why you’re hot

Finally, an explanation. I always thought it had something to do with payola, but turns out I was wrong.

I invented kayaks, and I invented the streets, so…

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live is a rerun, but it has one of my favorite sketches ever in it: Kristen Wiig as Penelope, the party guest who’s better than everyone.

You learn something new every day

Thanks, spammers!

Every once in a while, we get some truly… educational spam comments here. Like this one (probably my favorite so far), which was left as a comment on three different stories:

Dinner and drag queens? Yes, please!

Got $70? What better way to spend it than tickets to a murder mystery starring real, live drag queens?


Club hoppin’

I don’t really know what to say besides… please just watch this.

Lonestar Rollergirls: Hellcats vs. Cherry Bombs

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Hellcats vs. Cherry Bombs

Lonestar Rollergirls slideshow

Photos from last Sunday’s Lonestar Rollergirls bout, when the Cherry Bombs beat the Hellcats 23–22.

The two-million-dollar baller

photo / Beard Papa 

Hey Coach Barnes! Can you spare a little change?

UT men’s basketball coach Rick Barnes got paaaiiiid yesterday. Barnes’ $200,000 raise pumps up his salary to a sweet $2 million.

Scottish Rite Theatre’s ‘Robin Hood’ debuts tomorrow

Man in tights 

Always a good time for the whole fam — especially the kids — Scottish Rite Children’s Theatre is putting on Robin Hood, everyone’s favorite story about a liberty-seeking, anti-government independent. The show starts tomorrow at 10:30am, and the last performance will be on May 27. See their website for a complete schedule and ticket info.

Will Ferrell’s late on his rent again

Funny or Die, a new website that invites comics to upload clips and have viewers rate them “funny” or “die,” is currently featuring The Landlord, a short from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

Seriously, free sno-cones

photo / Shannon Clark Oh. I get it. 

According to this, Waikiki Willie’s is giving away free sno-cones this weekend to celebrate their grand opening. Today’s weather isn’t exactly the best weather for sno-cones, but do you really need an excuse to not get a cup of corn syrup and tiny bits of frozen water for free? Exactly.

Austin Outlaws kick off season tonight

courtesy Lisa “Buzz” Walters 

The Austin Outlaws, the city’s women’s football team, kick off their season tonight 7pm at House Park Stadium (12th and Lamar). They’ll take on the Gulf Coast Herricanes, a team from Mobile, Alabama. Tickets are $10 at the gate, and kids 12 and under get in free.

And in case you missed it, check out Nicole Haddad’s interview with the Outlaws.