TOP pick: Chuck Palahniuk at UT’s McCullough Theater


Chuck Palahniuk has made a career of twisted yet smart and relatable novels, the most famous of which, Fight Club, became an instant cult classic upon the release of the movie version in 1999. His latest of nine novels, Snuff, is about an aging porn star named Cassie Wright who wants to end her career by having sex on film with 600 men in one day. Palahniuk will be doing a reading and signing at the UT Performing Arts Center’s McCullough Theater tonight at 7. Get tickets here.

Don’t miss The Daily Texan’s fantastic interview with Palahniuk.

Snoop’s dropping Kirby like it’s hot

I could watch this amazing remix (originally found at YTMND) of the music from Kirby’s Dreamland and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” all day. It gets ca-RAZY at about the 3:14 mark.

Single-stream recycling is coming to Austin

photo / pomme_rewny Creative Commons license graphic 

Good news on the green front – soon it will be even easier to recycle in Austin. Beginning October 6, the City of Austin will switch from its current recycling system to single-stream recycling, which basically means you won’t have to sort out your recyclables anymore. The city will hand out new 90-gallon blue bins to Pay As You Throw customers over a three-to-four month period, and all you’ll have to do is throw everything into the new bin and set it out on your specified day. No more sorting, no more excuses.

In addition to being easier, the new system will allow you to recycle more materials:

Soap flakes and political fakes

The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Some people spend hours ensconced on their couches enmeshed in the melodramatic meanderings of sordid soap opera offerings. Others hover above their keyboards surfing sources for unsavory political punditry and picayune policy pronouncements.

But is there really much difference between soap operas and politicking? Consider:

Days of Our Lies

Interior | Congressional office | Day
Corn Lobbyist Wheeler Deeler confronts Senator Flip Phlopper in his Washington DC office.

Lobbyist: (emotional) I’ve given you everything. I embraced your body politic with my assets. I caressed your palm with hush money. I’ve gotten you high in our corporate jet. Now I catch you with that scrawny little two-faced soybean lobbyist slut!